Here are some examples of how our clients are monetizing using our digital signage services;

Sam lives in a big city; he installed flat screen monitors in 10 popular locations (3 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, 2 hair salons, 2 convenient stores and a super market). He only charges $500/year per location (including the content design) he puts 20 ads per location, making $10,000 per screen in each location. Multiplied by 10 locations, Sam makes a $100,000 per year income.

Meg and Randy live in a small town and run a 30 screen network located in various Mom and Pop diners and shops. They charge $300 per location, $1500 for 10 locations and $2500 for all 30 locations. They also provide digital menus to most of the locations where they sell advertising.

Denis sells digital menu boards to local fast food restaurants; he also upsells on the TV screens and their installation, as well as the media players running the screens, the menu design, Content Management Software and iCloud hosting. Before he got into this new business, he used to only install TVs for a living, now he went from $120 per job to $2500 per job adding these extra services.