Digital Menu Reseller

Why become a Digital Menu Reseller with

Imagine owning a business providing digital menu boards to fast food restaurants, coffee shops and other types of eateries who understand the need to go digital. Digital menu boards are fast becoming mainstream, as well as upselling by also providing the hardware, the televisions and their installations. As well as offering professional custom images to complement their menus.

How easy is it? No technical skills needed, we do all the tech work and designing, so you can concentrate on selling in an industry with high-profit margins. Expand your business by creating and supplying your own resellers with our services. We will fulfill all your orders with dynamic and rich custom content, so you can concentrate on generating more revenue.

Choose between our Reseller, Affiliate or Partner’s Programs

  1. Reseller: Sell all our products & services under your own brand, while setting your own prices.
  2. Affiliate: Sell all our products & services, and enjoy great commissions.
  3. Partner: Sell all our products & services in conjunction with your own products and services.

To learn more about becoming a reseller click here.

Services we provide;

  1. Customer owned solution that they manage
  2. Customer owned solution that we manage
  3. Solution we own, manage and lease to customer
  4. Solution we own, manage and sell advertising to customer
  5. Customer owned solution that we manage and customer sells advertising


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