Computer Diagnostics

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Contact our toll free number for inquiries at: 1-866-777-8669
You can reach our technicians directly at: 1-289-815-0330

Having problems with your computer? Why pay for an expensive and impersonal service? iMotionMedia will perform a diagnostic on your computer in order to uncover what is causing your computer to under-perform. We will help install relevant programs in order to better equip your computer from the daily issues that you may be experiencing. We will also gladly answer any questions you may have for avoiding future problems. The process will be undertaken by a certified IT technician and will be efficiently executed through remote software. Most issues these days are caused by spyware, adware and viruses. So if you are having banners, popups or simply notice random unknown programs installed on your computer, we will eliminate them for you and clean up your computer in the process. Call us toll free regarding any questions at 1-866-777-8669 or 1-289-815-0330 to speak directly to one of our technicians. Let’s get your PC in the best shape possible!

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