Types of Menu Boards

Types of Menuboards

Examples of different types of digital restaurant menu boards.

  • Press F11 once the screen with the menu opens, for full-screen mode.
  • Then press on F11 again to exit full-screen mode.
  • We design our menus in 1920×1080 pixels for HD screens unless otherwise specified.
  • Screen resolutions are customizable and fully scalable.
  • Screens can rotate at preset intervals, and scheduling for auto-change between day & evening menus.


Image-BasicScreenSingle Menu Board

One menu displayed on a single-screen monitor. 

  • For simple screens containing up to 40 items
  • press F11 on the menu screen for full-screen mode
  • then press on F11 again to exit full screen mode







Rotating Menu Board

Two menus rotating on a single-screen monitor. Rotations can be regulated independently (max. 80 items).

  • For menus containing more than 40 items on 1 screen, and needing a second menu.
  • screen rotates every 5 seconds (rotation lengths can be customized).





Image-Basic2ZoneScreen2-Zone Menu Board

Three menus within one single-screen split into what are called zones. Each zone will run independently from the other (max. 55 items).

  • zone 1 is static (can be made to rotate)
  • zone 2 rotates 2 menus every 5 seconds



Image-Basic2ZoneScreen3-Zone Menu Board

Five menus on a single-screen monitor split into 3 zones (max 55 items).

  • screen resolution (Zone 1 900×768) (Zone 2 & 3 466×384)
  • zone 1 is static
  • zone 2 rotates 2 menus every 4 seconds
  • zone 3 rotates 2 menus every 5 seconds