Step 1:
Purchase the package you need depending on the number of screens you plan to install.
You will receive 1 media player per screen. If you order the 3 screen package, you will receive 3 media payers, software and menu design for all 3. If you order the 5 screen package, you will receive 5 media players, with software and menu design.

Step 2:
E-mail us your menus and we will design your menus based on your specifications.
Upon approval, we ship your media players with software and design directly to your door.

Step 3:
Simply attach each media player to to the HDMI of each screen.
Enter your wi-fi passwords and the menus will launch automatically.

NOTE: You are not dependent on the internet, you only need wi-fi for initial setup and updates only. They will still run without internet. Any changes can be done remotely when connected to wi-fi.

Contact us with any questions you may have TOLL FREE: 1-866-777-8669 or email us at