How to set up a digital signage network (part 5)

December 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogs

One of the more popular methods among our clients is the investment method. This is where they invest in their own network. Usually starting a first network with between 3 and 10 host locations. A host location is where a TV is installed so as to charge for advertising. Patrick set up a 5 screen network at a beachfront touristic area. He installed 5 TV screens in 5 popular locations. 3 Hotel lobbies and 2 popular convenient stores. He charges $750 to create an ad and place it in all 5 screen locations. In his first year, he collected 100 ads making $75,000 per year in revenue. How he proceeded was by funding his own network. He spent $1500 on 5, 40-inch TVs, $1000 in TV installation fees, and $5500 for 10 media players, 100 ad designs including the Content Management Software that runs the ads, and a professional website to advertise his packages and prices. Patrick earns extra revenue on renewals and ad-updates growing steadily on a yearly basis. $75,000 in revenue minus $8000 total cost leaves Patrick with $67,000 in net profit. iMotion Media is helping Patrick grow his network. He also offers whiteboard animation design services, averaging $500 a week in extra revenue. We handle all the back-end work for Patrick’s white labeled business, leaving him time to expand his network and sell more. It’s simple, first visit, purchase your domain name with WordPress hosting and iMotion Media will assist you with the website. Feel free to use a website or a domain name you already have. If you’re looking to start a digital signage advertising network, let us take care of your content, software, back-end, and marketing with our experience managing such networks for our clients. Digital menu packages are also available for restaurant franchises.

Patrick used the 100 ad designs to create 1 ad for each of the 100 businesses he planned to approach and offer to sell an ad spot. All 100 businesses were located within a 2 mile radius from the 3 hotels and 2 convenient stores where he had installed a TV screen and media player to advertise these 100 businesses. He then contacted all 100 businesses and offered to promote them in all 5 locations for $750 for the entire year. He did this until he got 100 businesses aboard, paying Patrick $750 to be displayed in all 5 locations. Now all these business are getting seen by tourists that stay in these hotels and also shop at the convenient stores. In turn bringing more business to all of Patrick’s advertisers. Don’t forget to subscribe for more tips and tricks on how to run a successful digital signage advertising network.

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