Q: What is a Content Management System?
A: Content Management Software (CMS) is where you upload, and run your menus and digital content, ours come with support & hosting. Our (CMS) is built so if there is an interruption in the internet service, your content will keep running locally, you only need internet when first setting up and for any menu or content updates. Our application runs on Windows, Android, and Apple Media Players as well as Smart TVs. So you can use your own hardware to run our software.

  • Step 1: We create your content and/or menus.

  • Step 2: We upload the content to your Content Management Software (CMS) account.

  • Step 3: You run it on unlimited screens anywhere, instantly.

it’s that simple…


Q: Do I need internet to run my screens?
A: Our software runs on the local memory of your pc or media player (cache). The only time you will need internet is during the initial setup to download the app and run it, and for any updates. Updating can also be done via the personal hotspot from a smartphone with a data plan.
Q: My PC is connected to my flat screen LCD but not connected to the internet, is it possible to have your program run locally and I will be able to update it myself, like a one time fee to you and I do the rest?
A: Internet is needed only for initial setup, after that it runs on the PCs cache. If there are any updates needed in the future, internet, wi-fi or cellular hotspot can be used to update (i.e. internet is needed). Also, all our prices are a one-time fee…No recurring costs. Upon completion, you will receive all the necessary passwords to your Content Management Software (CMS) along with your ad or menu up and running, and step-by-step ‘how-to’ video tutorials.
Q: How long does the hosting last?
A: Both the Content Management Software (CMS) and hosting are a lifetime account. Once setup, there are no monthly recurring fees or any further hidden costs.
Q: What are zones?
A: Zone is a term which pertain to dividing a screen into multiple sections called zones that can run content independently from the other zones on the same screen (i.e. if there are 8 zones on a screen, then the screen is split into 8 mini boxes running its own separate contents on the same monitor).
Q: How many screens can I add and how much is the licensing fees per screen?
A: You can add an UNLIMITED amount of screens, FREE of charge, that means there are NO licensing fees. Everything is a one-time fee on a pay-as-you go system. Pay once, all our Content Management Accounts and iCloud hosting are lifetime accounts.
Q: I don’t want to have to locate my menus every time I turn on the computer. Can all the menus load up automatically when I turn the PC?
A: Yes there is a setting for that, once turned on, the Content Management Software (CMS) automatically loads your menus as soon as your PC is turned on…everytime.
Q: My restaurant menu has 150 items including details, I am planning on using a 32 or 42 inch TV, and can this work for me?
A: 150 items would be far too much for 1 menu screen. The font would be too small to see from a distance. If you use 1 screen, you will need 5 menus rotating in intervals (each menu allowing 30 items) using a 42 inch TV. It is NOT recommended to have more than two menus rotating per screen, with the exception of images, specials and other info or events.
Q: Can one add contents to the Content Management System (CMS) Account? And is it a web based? Do one need a media player to get it working on the screen or how does it work?
A: Your content management system’s account will control all your screens remotely, and you will need a media player or computer to run your screen. You can add, delete or modify content at will on unlimited screens. The CMS is both web and desktop based.
Q: What are the steps?
A: Everything is completed in 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Send us your menus in a word document.
Step 2: Once completed, review and modifications are done by us until you approve the menus.
Step 3: You can display your menus via downloading our app and entering your password
or by browser for Smart TVs…your choice!

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