Digital Signage for Gas Stations

September 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogs

Gas stations get very busy as people line up to fill up on gas. A digital display at the pump is a strategic method to upsell and cross sell on products and services such as oil changes, fuel additives, food and beverages…advertise specials or even mechanic rates if there is a mechanic attached to the station. The dwell time is short, but with the amount of people that line up to fuel up, the impact is great enough to add a display at the pump or even within the gas station’s convenient store or behind the sales clerk so as to remind or entice patrons to purchase snacks, lotto tickets, car wash, or other such items. Display your logo, social media, reward programs, or even showcase a variety of icy cold drinks, which is something clients usually forget about. Make extra revenue by displaying advertising from businesses in the area. By using touch screen kiosks you can add value by allowing motorists to localize information, directions, reward programs, promotions as well as many other features. Our technology is cloud based, so you don’t have to run wires, hence reducing installation costs, and provide interactive access to motorists’ mobile phones. Whether you own a gas station or multiple stations, our technology allows for unlimited screens and locations. If you are a reseller, what better way as to offer all of the above as an incentive to partner up with a gas station or multiple stations and collect or share in the profits of selling ad space to local businesses. Don’t forget to subscribe for more digital signage tips and tricks.