Digital Menu Tips (parts 4 & 5)

September 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogs

The same principle of underlining important words in a sentence also applies to designing menus. So whatever is important within your menu should be highlighted. A study at Cornell also determined that clients tended to order more from menus without the dollar sign symbols, rather than from menus with dollar sign symbols. Another study concluded that clients don’t like menus with too many selections. Usually 5 to 10 items per category is ideal. By including a nice image alongside an item increases sales by 35%. This must be done without cluttering your menu as mentioned in our previous video tips. Therefore, if there is not enough room to add images to each item, you can compensate this by adding enticing descriptions. Remember, your menu designs are a direct reflection of your restaurant’s image. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more tips and trick on design strategies for your menus.

Menu specialists say that we typically start reading at the middle of a page, then move towards the right and thereafter to the left. Therefore placing your main dishes at the center and towards the right of a menu would strategically benefit your overall layout. When designing menus, item placement is important as it has a direct impact on your sales. So divide your menus into logical sections and consider using boxes and lines to divide them. Also feel free to spotlight your logo and specials. When starting on a design, feel free to check out your competitors’ menus just to get an idea of what kinds of designs are current. We always research current trends upon starting a design project for all our clients. The whole beauty of digital menu boards is that the menu designs can be changed at any time so as to always stay current.